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 Dancers -traditional &Improvisational

Yoo Sun-hoo

she starts dancing with the question "Who are you?"
Yoo Sun-hoo, a Korean dancer and choreographer, continues the traditional beauty of Korean dance, and is presenting a new level of work that is different from traditional Korean dance works in search of contact with various art genres such as video, music, and art. She constantly tried to promote Korean dance to the world, and with gestures made along the curve of Korean dance, she pursues and creates stories about humans and nature

She has been making continuous efforts to promote Korean dance globally, and she received the highest score of five stars at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017 with AFTER4 performance, and has been receiving worldwide attention. Following official invitational performances by Paris and La Rochelle in France, she has continued her active overseas performances such as official invitation performances at the Assembly Theater in England in 2020.

T. +82-10-8932-0362

1705-709, 17, Deongneung-ro 66-gil, Dobong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (01489)

<Main profile>

Complete a master of Pyeongannam-do Intangible Cultural Property No. 1 Pyongyang Geommu
Graduate from the Department of Dance at Sejong University
Master of Dance, Graduate School of Performing Arts, Sejong University
HOO Dance Company CEO and choreographer


<Personal history>

UK Edinburgh , 2020 Korean Season < Assembly Festival Invitation for selection of the Korean Season-AFTER4> -Confirmation of 2021.8 Assembly ROXI performance due to COVID-19

2019 Korean Culture and Arts Council Performance of the Year <After4 >- Sejong Center for the Performing Arts
2019 KOFFICE Korea International Cultural Exchange Promotion Agency - Selection of Travel Korean Arts Performance Arts Program <A Letter>
A Letter 2019 Shanghai Temporary Government 100th Anniversary <100 Years ago, Remember them>
<A perfect day> for the 2019 Korean Traditional Performing Arts Center's "Wednesday Dance Exhibition"
2018 A Letter, an official invitation to the Korean Cultural Center in France for the selection of 20Boetie
"A Letter," an official invitation to the 2018 La Rochelle Korean Culture Festival, France
"2018 Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Music Center Sueojigyo," a performance selected by Sueojiyo, "Pansori-Letter"
2017 The Edinburgh Fringe Festival Performance <AFTER4- over the moon> Received★★★★★

2017 National Gugak Center's "After the Enlightenment" performance
2017 Grand Prize Winner of the Buddhist Dance Competition < under the moon>
2016 Jeongdong Theater's Traditional Creation and Discovery Project's Selection Performance <Traditional Creation Seed>
2015 Dubai <2015 K-Food Fair in Dubai Choreography and Appearance
Selection of the Busan International Dance Festival AK21 International Dance Training Program
Busan National Gugak Center's Selection of Young Korean Dance House

- Broadcasting and movie experience-
Choreography and Appearance of MBC's Sundeok Queen OST
Choreography and Appearance of Female Sword Dance in the Movie “War of the Arrows"
Dance choreography of Lee Yeon-hee, the leading actor of the Movie " Detective K: Secret of the lost island”

Dance for the movie " Lost Flower Eo Woo-dong,"
The dance/map of the movie "pansori singer"


Celebrating the 2015 New Year's Eve bell bell ringing event-Memorial performance for the 70th anniversary of Gwangbok" choreography and appearance
Choreography and Appearance of the 57th /59th Memorial Day Memorial Ceremony
Choreography and appearance of the April 19th Revolution National Cultural Festival in 2013/2014/2015
Dance of the National Flower Mugunghwa Performance at the Cheonan Independence Hall in commemoration of the 2015 Liberation Day
2014/2013 Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Seoul Youth Gugak Band Regular Concert "Still the Color" Dance Concert



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