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Focusing on the choreographic works of Yoo Sun-hoo, a prominent figure in the world of Korean dance and choreography, the productions of HOO Dance Company weave together the traditional beauty of Korean dance with intersections of diverse art genres such as visual arts, music, and more. These works showcase a distinct new dimension compared to traditional Korean dance pieces.


In its ongoing efforts to promote Korean dance worldwide, HOO Dance Company garnered international attention with the monodrama performance "<AFTER4>" at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, receiving a stellar 5-star rating. Following official invitations to perform in Paris, La Rochelle, New York, and other prestigious events, the company continued its active global presence with a special invitation to the 2023 Buenos Aires International Theater Festival (FIBA) opening. Through these vibrant international performances, HOO Dance Company is introducing the traditional beauty and creative allure of Korean dance to the global stage.

<2023 New York The Bang Group Performance Series_Korea Focus Official Invitation <Elegant Universe>
2023 ACC Asia Contents Pilot Performance Development <Whispers at the Table> Official Director Selection
2023 Traditional Performing Arts Promotion Foundation DiArts Spot Series Performance Selection <Elegant Universe>
2023 Buenos Aires International Theater Festival (FIBA 2023) Opening Performance Official Invitation <A Letter>
2022 France Festival International de Danse S.O.U.M Official Invitation
2022 France La Rochelle Korea Culture Festival Closing Commemorative Performance Official Invitation <Elegant Universe>
2022 National Gugak Center Planned Performance Korean Traditional Music Play "Princess Hwangok" Choreography Director
2022 Musical "Origin of Species" Choreography Director
2022 Nexon Foundation 1st Borderless Competition "PLAY Showcase" Choreography Director <Play Orchestra - Kingdom of Wind>
2021 Edinburgh Korean Season Selected Assembly Festival Official Invitation ★★★★★
2021 National Gugak Center Genre Planned Performance "Dance - Dancers of this Era" Official Invitation
2021 ACC Project "5.18 Democratization Movement Commemorative Traditional Arts Performance" Invited Performance - Work <Darrangshi>
2020 Korea Arts Council Selected Repertoire of the Year <After4>
2019 National Intangible Heritage Center Saturday Regular Performance 'Exploring the Branches of Traditional Performing Arts with Commentary' Dance Collaboration
2019 Shanghai, 100th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Provisional Government of Korea <100 Years Ago, Remembering Them>
2019 KOFFICE Korea International Cultural Exchange Promotion Foundation Traveling Korean Arts Performance Program Selected <A Letter>
2019 National Gugak Center Demand Dance Exhibition <Recreation of Traditional Dance Modern Work Development Project> Selected Performance <A Perfect Day> / Direction, Choreography
2018 PAMS Choice Selected <After4>
2018/ France La Rochelle Korea Culture Festival Official Invitation
2018 French Cultural Center in Korea Official Invitation (20Boetie) <A Letter>
2017 UK Edinburgh Festival <After4> 5-star ★★★★★


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